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About this project

This Miami-inspired luxury residential project in Laval has an extravagant and sophisticated architectural richness. Besides, that is the reason this house was selected for the filming of a show about the homes of the rich and famous screened on KO tv.

Our client is an Italian food connoisseur whose kitchen plays a major role in the day-to-day activities as she hosts a minimum of 8 people daily, sometimes with professional chefs. We have carefully selected the best gas appliances available on the market, which were designed by chefs. In addition, we can find a seamless recessed television, a walk-in pantry, a butler area, a 36” ridge, an 18” wide full-height freezer which are all seamlessly integrated with panelling. Considering the available storage space of the grand kitchen, we designed a kitchen with minimal upper cabinetry with a large amount of lower cabinetry using ergonomic drawers.

The purpose of this concept was to offer a multi-purpose, sumptuous dream location for grand receptions with friends and family by the water in Saint-Dorothée in Laval.

The challenge of ensuring fluidity through the many suites and rooms, including the nine bathrooms, was part of our mission, as we were asked to create a unique personality for each of them. The mistress’s bathroom is white, the man’s bathroom has different tones of black offering a man cave style. Fun fact, the owner’s daughter’s bathroom is a mix of her parents’ personalities being all white or all black similar to the Ying Yang.

The conception of this project is without a doubt one of the great experiences pushing us in reaching excellence which we continuously strive for.

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  • Location
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    Layout, custom design
  • Area
    15000 sq. ft.