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Our process


The consultation is the first step of any design project. It allows us to establish a tangible contact with you, to understand your needs and to define the purpose for which you wish to use our services. During this meeting, we gather all the information necessary to complete your project, whether it is a study of your style, the dimensions of the space and the furniture to be kept. We also take the opportunity to answer all your questions and set our goals to meet all your expectations.


The conception stage is the most creative part of the design process and includes a variety of steps depending on the nature of each project. This is where we develop the preliminary concept and establish the guideline for your project by creating inspiration boards and selecting finishes and materials. We can take you on a journey into your future universe with a 3D model to visualize the entire project. At the same time, we create the plans and complete specifications for quotes.


During the entire project, our whole team is available to answer your questions and ensure that communication between all parties involved is excellent. The strength of our network of suppliers and specialized contractors allows us to coordinate efficiently and quickly in order to achieve an impeccable concept and result. Our team also takes care of drawing the execution plans and manages the bids to offer you the best service.


Everything is ready, your project is now ready to see the light of day, it is the execution! At this stage, our team issues directives and takes care of the site follow-up, supervises the work and ensures that the concept and your expectations are respected. Our exceptional attention to detail and our solution-oriented approach ensure that the quality of our work is unparalleled.

Furniture and decoration

As the final step in the design process, furniture selection and decorating provides the finishing touch to any project. Our attention to detail and expertise with proportions, textures and organization ensures a balanced and coherent result that will enhance the architecture and design of your project and provide the experience you desire. Our versatility allows us to adapt to your style and interests, whether it is for a mid-century modern, contemporary or sophisticated style, with the inclusion of design icons, everything is possible. To the very last touch, we can take care of specifying artwork, wallpaper, lighting, and can create custom furniture for the most personalized result.

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