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About this project

The condo project RC3 happens to be the most luxurious of the five development projects. Therefore, we moved up from the standard threshold by choosing original and chic retro backlit, round and overlapping mirrors above the double vanities. Our attention to detail allowed us to pick a thicker countertop with metal insertions for the vanities, which results in a unique concept. In addition, the Lipari Design firm has picked an avant-garde color palette such as an old rose, indigo blue and mushroom taupe for the kitchens. Proposing out-of-the-ordinary colors makes the firm stand out amongst our clients as people have opted for an original color such as the old rose for their kitchen.

The lobby presented a great challenge due to its imposing brick wall meant to become a focal point. Our mission consisted of rendering the space creatively and grandly with great constraints. In order to create a dramatic but warm space, we used black tiles in a herringbone pattern, gold finish chandeliers, black full-length draperies and olive green velour furnishings. An overhung custom-built star-filled sky built with fiber optics and Swarovski crystals overhangs above the interior swimming lane exclusive to Canada.

  • Location
    Brossard, QC
  • Completion
  • Sector
    Real estate
  • Type of service
    Layout, custom design
  • Area
    Magellan pool and common area in the 23-storey condo tower