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About this project

Lipari Design Inc. proudly realized the unique design of the Aquablu Phase 2 sales office. The design includes the complete renovation of the existing building, including the reception area, lobby, administrative offices and model unit. All materials, appliances and plumbing fixtures used for the project were carefully selected for their superior quality, with the goal of providing a modern and upscale result inspired by the beaches of Miami. Several challenges were met during the conception process. Among others, the twenty-seven feet long curved bench passing through a glass panel, the automatic door mechanism to support the combination of glass and wood, the rounded blue lighting installed in the round room, the integration of the water wall at the entrance, as well as the model boxes representing real jewelry boxes. In addition, Aquablu’s sales office is boldly one of the first projects in Quebec to include recessed Italian doors. Numerous companies known internationally for their exceptional products also participated in the project, including Poggen Pohl, Bertolotto, Florim, Gaggeneau, Kohler and Mirage. 

By taking into consideration all the components, down to the smallest details, this project materializes into an impressive and distinguished work of art that does not go unnoticed.

  • Client
  • Location
    Sainte-Dorothee, Laval, QC
  • Completion
  • Sector
    Real estate and commercial
  • Type of service
    Layout, custom design
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