Lipari design offers complete professional services in interior design mainly for hotels / Condominiums / Residential buildings / Sales offices / Residences for the elderly / Private residences / and business such as restaurants, boutiques ...

Our team will assist and lead you in the following steps;

• Preliminary conception

• Coordination with your marketing team

• Conception of Design: plans and specifications of your sales office

• Sales Office furnitures / decor and staging

• Revision and coordination with architect and engineer

• Lighting study

• Complete plans for submission/quotation

• Complete plans for execution/construction

• Site supervision

• Final decoration for delivery

We also offer the customization service of condominium units.

Following the purchase of their condominium, some buyers want to make changes.

In order to satisfy your customers, we have the expertise to coordinate the choices and the changes with your contractor and to give a professional experience to your customers!

Our team values listening, communication, solutions, creativity, rigor, pleasure and integrity.

Whatever your project, we offer solid expertise in design. We deliver not only the final product but the whole journey with pleasure in collaboration to make it happen!